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March Madness Bracket Tournament

It’s that time of year when we start to leave winter behind and find NCAA March Madness creeping into every corner of conversation again. Whether you are a passionate college basketball fan, want to showcase your superior guessing prowess, or just want to get a word in with your friends about anything but COVID we’d love for you to join the March Madness with NHN Bracket Pool! This is a charitable event with half the proceeds going to benefit the wonderful Nurses Helping Nurses Foundation & a fun way to compete with fellow coworkers & win prizes for yourself!

  • Details

    • Price: $20 per bracket

  • Bracket Submission: 

    • Opens on Selection Sunday, March 13th AND closes on Thursday, March 17th before the first game
      • Use the link below to accept invite to our tournament pool and create Bracket under "RUMC NHN 2022" on CBS Sports to sign up and submit your bracket(s)

      • Invite link:

    • To be entered into the bracket challenge, purchase your tickets by March 16th at 11:59 PM CT​

      • When naming your bracket, please use the following format:  first and last name/department (if Rush employee).  This will be used to track payments.  Any unpaid brackets will be deleted when the tournament begins.


  • Prize $:

    • 50% of the money raised will go to Nurses Helping Nurses. 

    • The remaining half will be paid out as follows: 

      • 1st place (75%)

      • 2nd place (25%) 

      • 3rd place: Money Back ($20)

      • and possible other raffles and gifts to come!

    • Total Prize amount to be determined by amount of participants 

      • All brackets will be done online, with CBS Sports so feel free to share this online charity event with friends and family! The more participants, the more NHN can help colleagues, and the more cash could be in your pockets!

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